Mommygolightly started with boredom and lonely days of being a stay-at-home mom to my third-born (the first two were cats, and therefore, low maintenance). I think it would be wrong to call it a parenting blog or a mommy blog or even a blog about raising kids (at least in my case, I feel Re is raising me more than I, him).

I had no real ‘plan’ for it. I went where the blog took me, and I think it’s still more or less the case. I had written all there was to write about pregnancy in my book  “I’m Pregnant, Not Terminally Ill, You Idiot!” ; the blog was a good place to start putting what didn’t go into the book.

Re is six now, and the blog is five, and it’s been five years of meeting some lovely people online and offline. I feel connected to each and every person who comments on the blog, writes to me, or reaches out in any way. I try and write back most of the time, but if I don’t, it may just be a case of mommy amnesia, so keep writing. Perhaps my cat got my keyboard. And while I am all for healthy discussions and points of view, if you intend to be mean, vicious, malicious or racist, I have just two words. Stay out

Mommygolightly has grown hugely in these five years, and I have learnt so much from it and from you, my readers. I will keep it going for as long as I can, and sometimes reach out to you to do so too.

I will be adding new sections soon, so if you wish to write/share ideas/contribute, do write to me on mommygolightly@gmail.com

If you are an advertiser or a brand who wishes to collaborate, the email remains the same. But be warned that I only write about things I care about or feel connected to, so this is not exactly a marketplace.

And lastly, please do not reproduce any text or images in this blog without my permission. It’s not cool.

Enjoy the blog!

70 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I happened to read your blog and thought it was really so refreshing and so real. pardon me being technologically challenged I must learn to visit your blog and reply. Looking forward to read much more.


  2. I’ve been following Chickwit almost from the time you started writing it so I obviously knew about this blog of yours but never checked it out coz I assumed it would be the usual mommy blog.. MY BAD!

    I visited this blog only today and read up many many posts already. Now I only feel silly. After all, how can Lalita Iyer write a boring blog!

  3. hi, read your article in the Mid Day last month the one with the recipe for Tzatziki and have been meaning to read your blog ever since, I finally did it today and boy am I glad I did, I agree with quaintk. I am thinking of trying out your recipe this Sunday.

  4. Hi

    I am expecting and had the most amazing last 5 months! 4 more to go ..
    i just read your blog on breastfeeding..its really nice and motivating!

    Hope to have more on parenthood!

  5. Hi Lalita,just happened to read your article today-about how our outlook towards our parents change when we become parents. Simply loved it and was able to relate to it which I’m sure most of the new parents would have!!! keep rocking 🙂

  6. Hi Lalita….had started reading your columns in The Sunday Express Eye…..loved it since…….have a way to go before i become a mother, but enjoy your writing and experiences (i ain’t a sadist!)… A summer camp called life, Like a little prayer and He said, she said – win thumbs down….. love children so yes, Re surely is on my list……..god bless…..

  7. Hi,
    I am a writer who up till now was heavily deluded that writing needs to be grand and catchy to be out there. Like a pretentiously portioned exquisite five course meal only worth the bomb of a price and the taxes. You either set out that on the table or set out nothing!
    So I haven’t been able to write as much as I wanted to for four years years and been heartbroken about it. I have wailed and whined about it aptly to justify a genuine heartbreak.

    Reading your blog made me realise that true art is in putting your heart out on the platter, not in garnishing and presenting it. its about making the same dal-chawal everyday and making the eater salivate for it. sometimes it’s just about the tadka you gave today because you felt like it.

    That’s a lot of delving into food analogy. But now that I have finally finished my essay, thank you because you saved the martyr queen from not writing for a lifetime.. 😀

    Puja Gokarn.

  8. Hahah I live with he who must game, he who must draw, she who must dance and he who must sleep on new laundry. So looking fwd to this new blog find. Its like finding out you have a few more chapters left when you thought the book was over. Yay!

  9. Enjoyed reading your blogs. Especially the one on friendship post marriage+kids. Have encountered similar feelings…..

  10. Mommy…u really dont go lightly…do you? 😉 loved ur writing….glad I came across ur blog…may be shd thank CB for this atleast!

  11. Your blog lit my day and belly with laughter and i didnt rest till i had read them all. Looking forward to all your future posts and perhaps find courage in embarking down your road sometime in the future.
    Wishes and cheers

  12. Absolutely witty and refreshing. Your sense of humor while making a point kept cracking me up. Glad I came across ur blog 🙂 Btw I came across in context of the much hyped Chetan Bhagat’s article and then someone posted ur response to it…


  13. I just want to tell you that I am just beginner to blogging and honestly savored your web page. Likely I’m want to bookmark your blog . You amazingly have fabulous writings. Bless you for sharing your website page.

  14. Hi Lalita ! Read your article in the Sunday Eye and then followed your blogs. I love the way you write and very aptly put little things mommies feel but do not say. I’m an amateur writer and write under the head ‘ Ruminations’ but haven’t written in a long time. But, I must say after reading your blogs, I’m really inspired to write again. Please read my blogs too and tell me what I can do to further and enhance my writing skills.

  15. You are just awesome !!! The loved that one-Home truth’s on non-career wives !!! Love love love !! The whole world was going ga ga about Chetan’s article and I had to pick it up and read it once to just understand if he had suddenly started making sense – obviously not ! I was quite disguised about how he used that silly movie as a comparison point to discuss about women ? I am a banker by profession and I would hate it if my husband married me for some – benefits ! -I understand stock options and I invest well ,am a career women so yes we do afford everything we don’t necessarily want and go on lovely breaks !… but that is no reason for anyone to marry me ! If anything the whole article made my husband quite miserable as I kept asking him if he thoughts are any similar…..! I loved your response !! Loved Loved ! 🙂

  16. Hi Lalita, I nominated your blog for a Best Moments Award. This badge is for those who beautifully capture the essence of this moment of life, and your funny/kind/touching notes on parenting are definitely worthy of this award! Here are the details: http://wp.me/p2x7VR-p9

  17. I am sorry I have quoted some of your words of wisdom (2 small 3 line paras)on my FB page but given due credit to your blog.Just got hooked on to your blog today after my daughter posted a link. Might have read some earlier had not my paper wallah defaulted on supplying Indian Express making me change the news paper.
    Sunita Kumar, 66.

  18. Just discovered your blog through the article on getting back to work for shallow reasons..so resonated with me. Got back to a corpo job after a nearly 3 year break and i know how that feels…

  19. Just moved to Mumbai and was searching for things to do with my 7 year old from out of a hotel room and your list of 41 things cropped up. I hope I can tick some off in the rain as I am new to Mumbai too.. And guilty of being mommy who thinks play areas are easy way outs and ipad is a decent babysitter for my ‘me’ time like now 🙂 have bookmarked the list, am going to get to it from tomorrow. Your other posts are good fun to read too!
    Cheers, Smita.

  20. Love your style and your thoughts. Conversations with ‘the boy’ are absolutey endearing. I have 5 1/2 year old twins who are of the opinion that every thought that pops into their head MUST be voiced IMMEDIATELY. Empathized with so much of what you say. Keep it up! Will visit often when I need a smile or just a good read!

  21. Hi,

    New to the city, can you please recommend some really good places for shopping for kids. Looking to buy clothes, toys for new born and 7 yr old girl. Aware of the options available in malls but if their are any places/market in the city which sell good stuff.

    Would you also know of a place selling prom style gown for small girls ? Thanks in advance, hope to hear from you soon.



  22. Hi Lalita

    I enjoyed reading your blog a lot. A fairly new mommy myself (to an 11 month old), I am learning that the only way to survive parenting and not pull all your hair out is by laughing at yourself. I do that at my blog – though I write in the voice of my baby ( so if hubby or someone else gets offended, I can say the baby said so :-p)

    Enjoy !

  23. Hi there!!
    I m a writer, in advertising right now and a new mom. Really enjoy your blogs:). I am v keen to write for a magazine. Can u guide me regarding that? Would be reply grateful. Thanks. Pl do let know. Gauri.

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  26. Hi, I have been married for 10 years. Did try for the baby in the early years but in vain but I am all geared up again to give it a last try. I just read your article titled Power of Three. I did enjoying the little humor but felt sad too. Just a question – In your opinion, is parent hood something that one must experience on cost of your freedom?

  27. hi Lalita..I have read your book ‘I am pregnant,not…. ‘..so many times…I found it interesting,funny,very very informative…..I really loved the book and I keep reading several chapters repetitively…especially those related to work life problems you have written about… I am going to be a mother very soon and very very anxious.. I am a huge admirer of your blog..mommygolighlty…

  28. I found you when i read your column in the pune mirror issue today. and i wondered how in the world did i miss your presence in this world. all i can say is it connected, in a flash.thank you.I have a lot of reading to catch up on.

  29. Hi Lalita,

    I read your book when I was pregnant and totally enjoyed it. It helped because like most moms I am at the brink of making choices. it seems like the new normal. I chanced upon you again when someone shared the pune mirror article on FB. It helped. I realized that my choices are not giving a piece of sky to my babe. Add to that, I am inhibited and too restrained does not help much. I need to “be present” instead of offering a highly distracted mind to my son. So thank you. Please keep writing. I have loads to catch up on now that I know of your blog. The good thing is my son is 4 months so maybe the timing is just about right!


  30. 6 days into blogosphere and found exactly what i was looking for – you! amazing introduction it was merely enought to make me satisfied enough to read your blog. saw couple of readers comments and i think i have made the right choice of ending up here. 🙂 hope you wont disappoint me from what i see! 🙂

  31. I absolutely love reading your blog.I am a FTM to a two months old girl.I have been following your blog since quite sometime.Can you recommend me some more blogs on parenting? Being FTM I have many tensions, apprehensions n confusin 😉

  32. Thanks a lot for the wonderful information!! I kept pondering and pondering on where to take my son to this weekend, but in vain. Places like Khandala/Lonavala/Matheran kept coming up, but they seemed a bit far for a one day outting. And I must admit, I did think “there are no places in Mumbai to visit!”…until I happened to across your blog! Thanks a lot! God bless!

  33. Lalita! I got your book of flipkart yesterday and almost halfway through when I thought of checking your blog as well. With each sentence I read in your book, I think why couldn’t I put it in my words! I so feel exactly the same.going through exactly the same and to a very large extent now I m off the burden of guilt ! I am normal and its ok to not be the idealistic pregnant woman having the best of thoughts and reading hanuman chalisa! Thank you for the book! It made my day!

  34. Hi, got to know about this blog site now only! Used to read ur articles in Indian express Sunday edition. Used to wait for them and have the first Sunday laugh! Thanks for writing such things. Not all of us can be as expressive with what we feel. But nevertheless, can read and feel much lighter. I have a 6 year old and a one plus year old (both girls). And while they bring in joy, they bring out the worst in me too! Life now is truly a mixed bag. And great to know u live in pune (around) too. Hope to meet you some day!

  35. Hi. I love your articles in the Pune Mirror. Especially the one on death. And todays. On greying.
    I greyed early. It never mattered. Not to me or my husband who loves and adores me and not to my 3 children. My youngest is 13. Is often asked if I am her grandmother. She gets hysterical or gives a disbelieving look and says ” come on. Which grandmother has a such energy as my.mother “.
    I do not grey because it is a waste of precious time better spent doing fun things with my kids, because I do not want to look like the kids elder sister … or may be because I see my grey hair on the rare occasion I comb my pixie crop too. 👍👍☝

  36. Hi,
    I have a July born soon to be 6 year old based in Spore and the traits and characteristics you mentioned in your blog are what I see in him too!
    He has an infant 7 mth old brother and that has added fuel to the already red hot smart 6 year old!

  37. Hi,
    I enjoyed your articles in Pune Mirror.
    Your writings are totally fun to read and a lot informative.
    Not to mention I am just 22 and not planning to get married for at least next 4 years but still love things you share about Re and how you are putting your efforts to bring him up the best way possible.
    Kudos !

  38. Hi,
    I have been following your articles in Pune Mirror. Every now and then, both me and the husband chuckle at similar experiences. Knowing that someone else faces these things and makes similar meaning of these experiences as we do has a very calming effect…Just to know that someone else thinks and feels the same makes me feel peaceful and happy.

    I have been wanting to read your blog too…however with three kids and a big effort to find time for myself and the never ending things I want to do…made it difficult so far…but here I am enjoying reading and rereading and then reminiscing over my experiences as a mother…have finally made time to read it finally…yay yay…

    Thank you Lalita for this blog…its straight from the heart…complete with many thought provoking statements…Would follow it from now on…


  39. Hi maasi, this is Aryaman. Annuradha’s son (hopefully you’ve not forgotten me considering you’ve become quite a celebrity yourself). Was wondering if you could check my blog out, which I recently started, and share your opinion, since you are quite a writer.
    I really miss you. Please do let me know when you are visiting Delhi (your book was amazing). I would love to come over but boards….
    Anyways, hope to see you soon

  40. Hi, I did not how else to write to you. Hence this comment. Just finished reading your article ‘Back I basics’ in Eye, the Sunday Express Magazine. Your whole concept of hand me down and barter is awesome.
    Great going. Keep publishing such articles.
    Best wishes.

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